Friday, January 1, 2010

Articles about Transition

There have been many articles about the Transition movement in major media. The following give a good "taste" of what the Transition concept is about:

"The Transition Initiative"
Orion Magazine (national), June-July 2009
"Part of the genius of the movement rests in its acute and kind psychology. It acknowledges the emotional effect of these issues ..."

"Cheer Up, It's Going to Get Worse"
Bohemian (Sonoma/Marin), June 2009
"residents and neighbors are putting their heads together and collaborating on ways to relocalize themselves, bolster self-sufficiency and build the resilience that communities will need to absorb the shock of peak oil"

"Do Worry, Be Happy"
Elle (national), April 2009
"What attracted me to Transition, as the movement is called, was the word resilience, with its implications of being skilled, being ready, being confident, and therefore being optimistic"

"Life After Oil"
Whole Life Times (national), April 2009
"the phenomenon of Transition, ... starts with the idea that our triple-latte, two-hour commute, plugged-in and gassed-up way of life is on borrowed time."

"Communities Plan for a Low Energy Future"

Christian Science Monitor (national), Sept 2008
"The Transition movement is high-concept and hands-on, combining homespun common sense and camaraderie (bread-baking workshops, “seed-sharing Sundays”) and sophisticated 21st-century organizing (Skype audio conferencing, online wikis, open space technology)."