Friday, January 1, 2010

Thanksgiving in Transition

[originally posted 11/17/09]

Each year Americans set aside a date in November to “give thanks” for all that we have. Yet as we learn more about the reality our future, we realize that what we are living now is “peak moment.” It is likely humanity will never see such opulence and excess again.

As we plan our Thanksgiving holiday 2009, we can intentionally design our celebration as a time to raise awareness, to look forward, and to connect with the deeper meanings of life.
  1. Give thanks for what we have had. What did you experience today that will become less possible as we experience energy descent? (hot shower, imported food, etc.)
  2. What’s really important? Look deeply into the faces of family and friends around your table. Make this a special time to connect with people and with the life force of the world.
  3. Look forward. Admittedly, life in 2009 is far from perfect. And the Transition movement posits that life after oil could possibly be even better than what we have now. What do you look forward to in the post-oil era? (slower life pace, etc.)
  4. Transition to local. Take a real and concrete step into the future by adding delicious, fresh, local food to your holiday table. Shop farmers’ market for local produce. Check out garden-to-table recipe books at Celebrate a taste of the future.
  5. Give to the future. Donate some of your time, resources, or money to a resilience-building project or initiative in your local neighborhood. (one of our community gardens, a tree-planting project, Transition Los Angeles, etc.)