Friday, January 1, 2010

TLA Vision work

[originally posted 6/18/09]

At our Transition Los Angeles core team meeting, we had fun with a visioning exercise.

We imagined being in June 2014, a mere 5 years from now. Perhaps it's a mention in the Los Angeles Times. Perhaps it's an article in a local paper like the Argonaut. Perhaps it's a man on the street or at farmer's market.

He says "Transition Los Angeles? Oh, they're the ones who ...
  • Helped start community gardens, garden guerilla movement
  • Had that great tshirt with the car logo
  • Held that great demonstration that closed the 405 freeway
  • Got rid of the lawns
  • Organized a great green film festival
  • Helped insulate LA from the recession/depression the rest of the country is experiencing
  • started our own currency
  • Took over buildings as reskilling centers for handcrafted goodies, jam, vegetarian meals
  • Woke up city hall
  • Got all the kids up on water issues (and more)
  • Inspired schools to have classes in this stuff, transformed education
  • Created alternative medicine clinics & academies at schools
  • Introduced car-free days
  • Got bikeshare pods going (carshare, zipcar)
  • Got rid of 25% of car parking spaces/car parks and turned them into green space or food gardens
  • Converted parking garages to root cellars and mushroom gardens
  • Got the busses to be free
  • Got a program going installing the really big cistern systems
  • made solar cookers/rocket stoves ordinary instead of people thinking they were weird
  • Opened a green store in Mar Vista where you could get toilets, etc
  • Helped make LA self-sufficient in water
  • Planted/harvested a million fruit trees
  • Created that great movie Legacy
  • Started the “Made in LA” label
  • Inspired a whole lot of gardeners
  • Trained all the Latino gardeners to turn LA into market gardens
  • Created small local-scale solar power centers
  • Got us to rethink our sense of consumerism, and change to locally crafted clothing and essential stuff that could be repaired
  • Turned LA back into lots of little villages