Friday, January 1, 2010

What is a "Transition Salon"?

A "Transition Salon" is our name for an informal gathering about Transition ideas. Here you can meet like-minded individuals and explore these topics at a deeper level.

Topics we might focus on include:
  • issues of how to set up a local Transition group
  • issues of leading a local group (gaining attendance, publicity, web presence, creating events, etc.)
  • area-wide issues, such as area-wide political action
  • area-wide vision and direction
  • creating city hub level events
The actual topics covered at each Salon vary widely depending upon who attends and what topics they are yearning to discuss.

Discussion at Transition Salons is conducted at an intermediate-to-advanced level of understanding of Transition concepts. If you are new to Transition ideas, please attend one of our introductory events first.